Privacy Notice

Last updated August 30, 2019

When Mozilla (that’s us), receives information from you, our Mozilla Privacy Policy describes how we handle that information.

You must be over the age of 13 or have your parent or guardian consent to and supervise your participation in our crowd-sourcing project.

Things you should know

  • If you enable Mozilla Location Service on Firefox for Android, we will receive your location each time you choose to share your location with another application or website. If you install one of our Android apps, we will receive your location each time you turn on the app and have it running, even if it is running in the background.

    • We receive publicly observable data about WiFi access points, Bluetooth beacons and cell towers around you, your estimated latitude and longitude, the date and information about your heading, speed and altitude. This information is stored locally on your device until an Internet connection is established. The data is then deleted from your device and sent to Mozilla.
    • If you do not want to report crowd-sourced data to Mozilla, you should turn off our Android apps or change your Firefox preference under Tools/Options/Data Choices.
  • In addition, we may receive certain temporary data such as your IP address. This data is deleted after being used as follows:

    • for security purposes to protect against certain types of attack.
    • to assist in providing you with an approximate location.

  • Our data map is updated daily with aggregated location points sent to Mozilla from users around the world. Location points are blurred to promote anonymity.

  • We publish data on public cell tower locations on our website for public use and benefit. You can view the reports here.
  • We do not publicly share Bluetooth or WiFi location data, which are more sensitive. This information is used by Mozilla and our partners to improve and provide the Mozilla Location Service.

  • You can prevent a WiFi access point from being reported to Mozilla. See our optout page for more information.