Depending on your use-case, you might be able to use one of the existing client applications using this service.

If you are developing a website or a web application you don't interact with this location service directly. Instead you use the HTML5 geolocation web api. This will give you the best position estimate for the users device, based on all available sensors (including GPS) and all location services supported by their device.

If you are developing a native application or library for a desktop operating system or Android, you can in principle use this service via its HTTPS API. Please refer to the API documentation for the details. On other mobile operating systems, you typically cannot access the required Bluetooth, cell and WiFi network information required to call the service API.

The service is currently provided as-is, free of charge, without any guarantee on availability, accuracy of results or continued existence. We don't offer any commercial plans for the service and have no plans to provide such.

API Keys

In order to use the service API you need to obtain an API key. If you use one of the existing applications, there is a good chance those applications already come with an API key included. We require these API keys as one way to prevent abuse of the service.

If you are developing a new application, please contact us to obtain an API key. Please make sure to describe your use-case and intended use of the service. If you merely want to test out the service for an experiment, please use the literal "test" API key.

We'll try to get back to you in a manner of days, but depending on vacation times it might take longer.