Mozilla Location Service


Welcome to the Mozilla Location Service.

The Mozilla Location Service is a research project to investigate crowdsourced mapping of wireless networks (WiFi access points, cell towers, etc.) around the world. Mobile devices and desktop computers commonly use this information to figure out their location when GPS satellites are not accessible.

There are few high-quality sources for this kind of geolocation data currently open to the public. The Mozilla Location Service aims to address this issue by aiming to provide an open service to provide location data.

How can I get involved?

You can download our “MozStumbler” client application and start mapping the wireless networks in your neighborhood. MozStumbler is an Android app that collects information about wireless networks near you and reports this information to Mozilla. As you walk or drive around town, MozStumbler listens for nearby wireless networks to periodically broadcast their network ID.

You can install the latest build of MozStumbler.

Just for fun, you can optionally enter a nickname to track the number of networks you have contributed and compare your progress to other users on our leaderboard.

What kind of data does MozStumbler send?

MozStumbler records your device's GPS location and a list of the wireless network and cell IDs seen at that location and sends that information to Mozilla’s servers. We use this data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

If you enter an optional nickname to track the number of networks you have contributed, MozStumbler will also send that nickname to Mozilla. While this nickname gets uploaded to our servers, we don't associate the nickname with the raw positioning data that MozStumbler uploads.

How do I prevent my wireless access point from being collected?

MozStumbler does not collect information about WiFi access points whose SSID is hidden or ends with the string "_nomap". If you would like to prevent your WiFi access point from being reported to Mozilla, you can rename your SSID to append "_nomap" to the name (e.g., SSID "MyWirelessNetwork" becomes "MyWirelessNetwork_nomap") or configure your SSID to be hidden.

MozStumbler also attempts to avoid reporting personal mobile devices. MozStumbler filters out some MAC addresses with vendor prefixes of mobile device manufacturers (e.g. Apple) and SSIDs that are commonly used by mobile devices (e.g., "iPhone" or "MiFi"").